Tessa Silberberg

Mentor for emotional well-being

Healing equals fulfillment

If you're reading this, something good is already happening to you.

Part of you decided that enough suffering was enough and expressed curiosity to move!

It's time to feel life and connect with the most important person – you!

So welcome to my world, the world of emotional, physical and mental connection.

A little bit about me, as a person who has suffered from anxiety for over thirty years, I spent years trying to figure out "what's wrong with me." I tried a lot of different ways to overcome my anxiety, until I got to the point where I said enough to feeling incapable. I felt that everyone was making progress, seemed more "on it" than I was. And I'm like a child with kids, work, household can't really find myself.

With a lot of courage and uncertainty, I embarked on a journey of self-search, where I quickly discovered how much I was governed by thoughts and beliefs that held me back from being peaceful, healthy and happy.

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