Zen Master Nissim Amon

Like two inner children – the head  and the emotion, heand her. They are with us everywhere

With us when we get up in the morning or go to bed, at work and here now. They are like the stick with the two buckets in Thailand – one on each side.

According to Eastern belief, life after life is born, and two other children are given each time. They are called "karma," and the goal is to achieve "freedom from karma" and the "awakening" of the middle.

Trilotherapy helpsto put the inner house in orderand lead all three forward.

Like the symbol of yin and yang, inside the yin there is a circle of the head and inside the yang there is a circle of emotion. Emotion has logic, mind has emotions. According to the Chinese standard, the head and emotion should be in percentages 50:50.

There should also befriends and partners. But when the balance is disturbed, the ratio is 60:40 or 70:30, and then the head is heavy, critical, dark, always in control, tired, pessimistic, limiting, stressful, unspontaneous and untrusting. The emotion closes inside the inner basement, and closes it with a lid. Occasionally there are bursts of steam, and the lid flies, then the head returns the lid and intensifies control. Over the years, anger turns into sadness.

If you continue like this for many years, sadness turns into despair. Despair is when you lose hope that your mind will ever change.

So, how does the head control the emotion?

According to six techniques: (Should you examine yourself what your head uses most?)


He plants seeds of fear and stress in the garden . They grow very well, and so he makes the emotion scared and dependent.


He makes the emotion feel guilty when he says that all the bad things that happened are because of her.


He tells emotion, "You're not good enough, not smart enough, and not pretty enough." He uses a lot of criticism and perfectionism.


He doesn't give her compliments. I don't say to the emotion: "I love you." Doesn't give her respect. He is ashamed of her and hides her.

Planting confusion

It forgets what the emotion really wants. Makes her lose her connection to herself. It has an excellent method of weakening and neutralizing.


He tells her "you're not normal" or crazy. That it's in DNA or something in the family. That it is dangerous and it must not erupt. And also offers her medication.

Points to consider:

Who chose our spouse? If it is she who chooses, she will choose someone like her, emotional, dramatic, colorful. If it is he who chooses, he will choose someone who is like him: responsible, loyal. In fact, only the middle is able to make the most correct choice.

Or, for example, during her studies: during her matriculation exams, her head was able to sit her down to study for weeks or only days? If she is strong, the head cannot seat her, he is not considered a good student because the head has not been able to seat the emotion. If he does manage to seat her, he gives her chocolate compensation.

Most people have a rotational process, and each time someone else sits in the boss's chair. Meditationpractice is an accumulation of middle hours and a strong and leading presence of the middle. The one who sits quietly.  

It's time to take a break from the kids and remember who you really are. 

The middle also exists regardless of children. They don't change, they change. The middle has no age and no name. Always the same. It is the head and emotion that change.

Middle he Renewal He is the me The authentic. It's who you are originally.

If I'm not them, then who am I?

This is the spiritual question, and this is exactly the process that the Buddha went through. At the age of twenty-nine, he left a home where he had everything. He was a beloved prince and had a wife, a baby son, money, horses, a guaranteed future. And yet he was not happy. For six years he wandered and found no rest, found no inner love, until one day, while sitting under a tree, his middle awakened.

Everyone has a head, there is emotion and there is a middle. At any given moment, only one of them can sit in the driver's seat. Embarrassingly, it's the middle that sits in the boss's chair the least. For most people, the middle is just a pair of eyes, just awareness. He doesn't even know how to speak.

In meditation, you begin to accumulate middle hours. Sit with your back straight, breathe, listen. If a thought comes, tell it: "Not now." Pay attention to the body, to the smell of the air, and even when the emotion wants something, tell it "not now." In meditation, the leadership of the middle is established.

The trilotherapy process leads to a separate understanding of the two different characters and the discovery of the middle; brings about a balance between the two children and the situation in which they help each other; Brings love back inside and allows you to live a life with positive messages about yourself.

For most people, the two inner children don't get along well, they both need help, and the middle is in deep paralysis. In this situation, of course, it is very difficult to sit in meditation.

When you are told that you can't love others until you love yourself, you mean the love between all three. When the middle arises, it has the widest potential. The intuition of the middle is also different from the intuition of emotion, and it is deeper.

Carl Jung started with this division.
He called Anime and Animus, but he didn't recognize the possibility of talking to both of them and having them talk among themselves.
Our special addition is the existence of the parent, the pillow in the middle, and the spiritual question:

? Who am I

No need to rush to look for the answer. You won't always find the answer in words. It's about awakening, rebirthing the middle. In the middle they say: You are their father. This is Zen theory.

Wake up

Where does it feel best to sit? Learning to observe who we are more loyal to – to the head or to the emotion?


In the process of bridging between the head and the emotion, mediation to stop the struggles between them. The middle is clean. He is a Buddha who is within everyone. It's you. And only the middle can really calm them down and bring "everything is fine" home.

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