The "Life Balance" Method

Life Alignment

A powerful method of frequency medicine that helps discover the source of the feeling of getting out of balance. The treatment provides deep and rapidhealing in order to reach a state ofhealth, fulfillment and well-being.

The method touches on a collection of integrated healing systems, which relate to most aspects of our lives:

Physical and mental health

Improving relationships – with ourselves and with others

Energetic balance of body systems

Releasing physical pain

Releasing emotional patterns

Alleviating symptoms of anxiety, sleep disturbances, allergies and learning difficulties

Menopausal phenomena, emotional detachment.

Connection to soul, purpose and fulfillment

Balancing Life Goals

Balancing personal and professional life

Balance in the family

Home balance

Balancing the business

In therapy, I liken the person to a biological computer. Using a kinesiological muscle test (muscle strength test), correspondence to body points, emotions, areas of life detects the faulty files in the patients' 'operating software' and relates to them together with the patients.

The process makes it possible to reach memories from the past, which sometimes cause locking in a perception of reality that does not bring well-being. The memories, thoughts and beliefs that have been absorbed in the psychophysical system over the years are located and released in the process.

The process combines energetic moves, guided imagery, focusing and working with life balance vortex cards.

The cause of most of our physical problems is mental-emotional: the cells carry frequencies of emotional conflict or a past event that remains "unresolved" within us, until the body in its wisdom sends a messenger – a symptom to tell us that our system is out of balance and that it is time to let go of an unresolved belief or emotion. To bring about constant change, we need to balance the current frequency to another frequency. The method wisely leads us to the rootcauseofthe imbalance.

For example, a frequency of incompetence when balanced can become a frequency of self-confidence.

Healing reaches quickly, easily and precisely the roots of the difficulty on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual and environmental.

Healing is done by opening the gates – the vortex centers, to the appropriate energies necessary for our body and essence. This is a synchronized process, which requires precise distinction. This information is not based on mental understanding, but comes from the body's higher awareness

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