About me

I'm flying, very pleasant

If you're reading this, something good has already happened
Some of you have expressed curiosity to move!
Maybe because there is another part that somehow knows or feels that can be easier, more peaceful, happier, more alive.

So welcome to my world, the world of emotional, physical and mental connection.

A little bit about me, as a person who has suffered from anxiety for over thirty years, I spent years trying to figure out "what's wrong with me." I tried a lot of different ways to overcome my anxiety, until I got to the point where I said enough to feeling incapable. I felt that everyone was making progress, seemed more "on it" than I was. And I'm like a child with kids, work, household can't really find myself.

With a lot of courage and uncertainty, I embarked on a journey of self-search, where I quickly discovered how much I was governed by thoughts and beliefs that held me back from being peaceful, healthy and happy.

The first stop on the journey to develop and get out of suffering was to learn co-active coaching. The method was a good way to achieve goals. I started coaching and I really liked what was awakening in me and the discovery that I was coaching easily, but I felt drawn to a more spiritual direction and a desire to delve deeper into the root of humanity's challenges. Therefore, I continued my personal journey and studied for two years a treatment method based on Zen Buddhist teachings – trilotherapy.I got to learn directly from my one and only Zen Master, Nissim Amon. 

The method opened the door for me to a deeper understanding of anxiety, illness and inner suffering in general. I realized that all of these were an expression of mental imbalance. Lack of recognition, understanding and inclusion of my wants and needs, in 3 main parts – 


(I need) the mental layer


(Connection to the Supreme Self) The Spiritual Dimension


(I feel like) the emotional layer

I started meditating to support internalization of the practice. The change thanks to the trilotherapy process was so powerful that in less than two months I stopped the medication and began to feel that everything was fine – I was allowed to live!

I discovered a great passion for dealing with the human psyche, and especially for discovering the effects of repression of emotions. I felt like I had come home, to something that just fascinates me. Taking care of people felt easy and fulfilling for me. I realized that I was discovering my destiny. I felt how my ability to connect with myself increased, and thus I became healthier, happier and more liberated, and especially able to connect with others with fewer ego filters. 

I internalized the deep connection between illnesses and physical challenges I had throughout my life and lack of emotional expression.
Connection and respect for emotions, mind and physical body have become a way of life.
I could understand that the anxieties I had tried to postpone all my life were a kind of gift, because they were present and sought to be addressed as the only expression of inner suffering and imbalance.
I understood the essence of emotional consequences on the body and the physical consequences on the mind and how they affect each other and parallel each other in the whole system of man.
Out of personal and therapeutic responsibility, I felt that I wanted to learn an approach to integrative therapy that sees the connection between body, emotion and mind as essential for our existence as people composed of these aspects.

I realized that I had to agree to go through an even deeper process myself. And so I came to study at Reedman College in the Transpersonal Psychotherapy track. The fascinating journey I underwent at Reedman College brought me to recognition and acceptance of myself. I learned about the human body, psychology, and many different types of holistic spiritual therapies. By understanding the processes taking place within me, which allowed me to connect with my emotions and body, I learned to accept myself with compassion and to take a place in the world and express myself more precisely. I allowed myself to explore my limits, the expression of my inner world while agreeing to let go of pent-up emotions and acknowledge my gifts as a therapist. 

I did a long internship in the oncology department in Ichilov as a healer, a year in Enosh's hostel as a supporter and another internship in a magical home that supports the intellectually challenged population of nursing patients.
I found that I always had a connection beyond words with others, and how much courage it took to show my sensitivity. Delving deeper into the spiritual world felt to me during my studies as a return to my nature. I enjoyed every lesson, every discovery, and at every opportunity I passed on the acquired knowledge.

After graduation, I worked in a clinic in Kfar HaYarok until the universe called me to join the staff of the Lighthouse Integrative Treatment Center in Tel Aviv. There I also acquired additional tools and learned the "life balance" method, the method developed by Master Hiller Dr. Jeff Levine. A powerful method based on the wisdom of frequency medicine to detect and release tension and immediate energetic and emotional blockages. The healing is deep and fast.  

The choice to feel good, to connect to my power, to the love in me has made my life fascinating.

Today I invite you to give yourself the same love without waiting to be perfect.

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