Remotely oriented meetings

Do you live in Israel or abroad?
Or are you often on the move?
Is your schedule busy?

Online psychotherapy (also called distance therapy) is a therapeutic tool in itself.

Indeed, the encounter between the therapist and his patient will be determined according to the same criteria and with the same goals.

Only the means to address the changes.

Practical for those who can't commute to the office, or for those who are temporarily away from home, remote therapy can also help people for whom the process of seeing a psychologist is difficult or intimidating.

This can be an exclusive mode throughout the treatment, or occasionally used between two sessions planned in the office.

 Online psychotherapy offers you flexibility in session times.

Do you live in Israel but not in Tel Aviv? Are you geographically isolated, without caregivers nearby or live abroad?

Do you have physical difficulties that prevent you from moving around easily?


Are you discreet and prefer to express yourself without being seen by others? Plus, you avoid potential delays and get better rates.

I dedicate my career to helping people release their inner wounds, develop more fluid family relationships, and improve their lives.

This is a practice I enjoy with every person, and I am grateful every day to do this activity. The problems encountered by the people who come to me are very varied.

During the first meeting, we will determine together what your goals and expectations are, or simply your intentions.

Our sessions will allow you to receive the emotional, energetic support and emotional accompaniment you need.

Your conscience will be clearer and allow you to bring light into your life. When I talk about your problems, I listen to you kindly and together we will look for ways to make positive changes in your life.

An operating framework similar to office meetings...

It is useful to know that an online psychotherapy session takes place in the same way as an in-person session. The only difference is that you are not in my office but installed in your chair or in a place familiar to you. To communicate, we can use two means depending on your preference.

Or you want to see the therapist's face and be seen by him, and we use video conferencing software (Skype or FaceTime). Or you think not being seen by the therapist (and/or not seeing him) is more comfortable for you, and we just use the phone.

For my part, I am comfortable with these two modes of communication, but ask you to respect an operating framework similar to consultations in my office:

The day and time of the meeting are predetermined

During the appointment, you're the one who contacts me as if you're going to my office

Session duration: 50 minutes

Any cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance

.. . and which takes into account the specificity of this mode of relationship

To take into account the special conditions of online psychotherapy – and therefore the remote relationship – I suggest that you respect some rules specific to this mode of communication, in order to facilitate the therapeutic relationship:

I invite you to find yourself in a secluded place, where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Be fully focused on the meeting and don't do anything else at the same time (cooking, cleaning, reading/writing emails)

Make sure you have some time after the appointment to take care of what happened for you, before you resume your day.

How to consult easily?

You download the free Whatsapp software if you want or zoom.

You also have the option to make your appointments by phone or WhatsApp.

You pay for your pre-appointment using PayPal secure payment system or BIT/Paybox or by bank transfer.

50-minute session: 280 ₪

Today I invite you to give yourself the same love without waiting to be perfect.

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